Outside Coffee Co.

Grand Rapids may be known as Beer City USA, but we also have the best coffee shops! One of my favorites is the Outside Coffee Co. located on Wealthy St. They are an outside coffee shop if you didn’t get that from the name, in a cozy garden setting. 

I love how relaxed and inviting this coffee shop is, it’s so pretty and I love the fresh air and sunshine I get while visiting. They have gathering tables, benches, hammocks, and a fire fireplace to gather around while enjoying one of their tasty caffeinated or non caffeinated beverages. Even dealing with Michigan winters they are still one of the coziest coffee shops around. When it starts to get into the winter season they put up personal igloos to sit in with little fireplaces in them for extra warmth and comfort. It is one of the most coziest experiences – drinking coffee and watching the snow fall right above me while still keeping toasty. It basically feels like a Hallmark movie!

They have a wide variety of drinks for you to pick from, and I love my coffee as much as the next person but my order is very easy and simple – I’ll have a caramel or mocha latte please! Or I do love my seasonal flavors as well! Outside Coffee Co. had the best pumpkin spice coffee this year and I’m excited to try some of their winter specials as well! But don’t worry they have way more options than just lattes to order from. They have a lot of non coffee drinks as well on their menu including tea, kombucha, and hot coco. And if you need a snack to go with your beverage they have a selection of different toast styles to pick from or they even have ice cream! 

With all the hustle and bustle coming up with the holidays, take a moment to stop, get some fresh air, sip on a hot cup of coffee and enjoy that simple blissful moment! I hope I have talked you into stopping by and checking them out! Remember to stay safe, wear a mask, and be respectful to the people still showing up to serve you that enjoyable moment!

Cheers Friends!