Grand Rapids Fitness Fest

The first annual GR Fitness Fest featuring over 45 local gyms, studios, and fitness professionals at amazing outdoor venues around the downtown area. Popular areas like the Calder Plaza, The Blue Bridge, Ah-Nab-Awen Park, Rosa Park Circle, and so many more awesome spots!
The fit pass is only $20 or $10 if you are a SweatNet member and it gives you access to all workouts April 30-May 9th! Tickets are on sale now. After you pass has been purchased you will be able to sign up for as many workouts as you want! There is a wide variety of workouts and they are for all levels of fitness!
All events are limited capacity so you will want to make sure you sign up right away for the classes that interest you most. But there are definitely enough options to where you will not miss out!
Click HERE to purchase your pass!
Also if you are interested in joining SweatNet you can read all about them and what they have to offer HERE! You can sign up for only $10.95 a month and if you use code ‘sweatdrop’ it will get your first month for only $1!
Sign up for SweatNet HERE!
I will be attending at least one event everyday so make sure to follow me on social media and if you see me at an event say HI! Use the hashtags #GrFitnessFest and #mygrandrapidslife and your photo could have the chance to be featured!