Ed Dunneback & Girls Farm

It is fall time in Michigan and I think it is safe to say that if you are a Michigander fall is your favorite season. The weather finally cools down, football is on TV (Go Lions), everything pumpkin spice is on the shelfs, and of course the first holiday is coming up – Halloween! Fall activities are something I look forward to every year! This year I checked out a new place(to me that is)! It is called Ed Dunneback and Girls Farm, located at 3025 6 Mile Rd NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544. 

Ed Dunneback & Girls Farm has all of the fall experiences in a one stop shop! They have apple picking, hay rides, pumpkins, a fresh produce market, cider/beers, amazing food, animals to pet, playground, and donuts! Did I miss anything? OH and they have a beautiful sunflower patch to walk in and have fun photo ops placed around to get the perfect picture. I’m telling you this is the place to visit this fall. 

I went early in the season so I didn’t get my pumpkin just yet, but I did have a field day in the sunflower patch! This was actually my first time being sunflower patch, I’ve always seen pictures but it is more beautiful in person. I felt like a kid again running through in the dirt and taking silly photos with the flowers. We even got to take one home with us! 

After our mini photoshoot in the flowers we headed back to the barn and explored the fun items that were on display and to get a bite to eat. They have fresh produce items, fun hand crafted gifts, books, and fun toys for kids. I dared my husband to eat a fresh jalapenos but he was too big of a chicken! We decided to split their apple bbq pulled pork sandwich and we were so hungry and it was so good that I forgot to take a picture of it before it was gone. One thing we didn’t try when we were there is any of their beers or ciders. We stuck with fresh apple cider this time around but plan on going back and sitting out on their patio in the fall breeze with most likely a sample of all of them. 

Ed Dunneback & Girls Farm is the perfect place for all of your fall activities and it is for all ages which is the best part! Fun for the kids, teenagers, young adults, parents, and grandparents, it is for everyone! Fall is also the quickest season in Michigan so I hope you get the chance and make the time to visit here for some fall fun! As also always let me know what you think! 


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